The search for childcare is over

Haven Boise provides date nights and workdays with childcare to support parents with young children. Just show up, we'll do the rest.

Asking for help is hard

Finding a daycare or reliable babysitter is even harder. When you need a little bit of help, there are few options.

That's about to change. Being a parent of young children can be lonely, but it doesn't have to be.

You deserve options

Our caregivers understand your children are the most

important thing in the world to you. You deserve to

have the choice of how much time you spend with them and what kind of care they receive.

No more waiting lists, Facebook babysitters, or taking what you can get just because there's an opening.

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What we offer

On-site, pop-up childcare where you need it the most

Kids in one area, you in another. Same place, different spaces.

Parent Workdays

with childcare

Get your to do list done by working at one of our consistent, weekly locations. It's like working at your favorite coffee shop but with childcare

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Date Nights

with childcare

Connect with your partner or friends by going on a date at a local restaurant or event with childcare! Put the phone away and forget about checking in on the babysitter.

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with childcare

Kids belong at weddings but long nights can be tough. Let your little ones join the festivities while also having a reliable and safe place for them while you dance!

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Our Philosophy + Values

We believe in facilitating play-based learning that encourages cognitive development. We believe children build social skills when interacting with or alongside their peers in child-led activities and exploration.


From check-in procedures to who we hire, Haven's #1 priority is safety


Being a parent is hard enough, sign up and check in should be simple


No screens.

Structured play.

Fun activities.


Parents and children first. We're here to serve you.


We avoid harsh chemicals, use steam cleaning and have clean play spaces


Caregivers deserve to be paid a living wage

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